Walk by Myself

Open your heart for the new Thai duo Walk by Myself, who found their way to add local subtlety to their universal acoustic folk songs.

Consisting of singer and guitarist Nopparuj Srimuang and Rucha Amatyakul who plays guitars, banjo and harmonica, the group started publicly sharing music just two months ago and have posted three songs to date.

The latest one, “แด่ผู้สร้างเธอ”, is a beautiful ballad for guitars and a dramatic string section. It also features Yong, the singer of Bangkok-based quartet Chladni Chandi, whose haunting vocals we probably hear for a short moment in distant background.

While the band are certainly still developing their own sound, fans of natural musical authenticity, clear emotions and great vocal themes will notice Walk by Myself already have it all.


Walk by Myself on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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