Глобин (Globin)

“You can be mad at me, but it’s just show business,” says 25-year-old Yaroslav Globin in a song. However, songs themselves don’t seem to be mainstream and rather proclaim the opposite.

Globin (Глобин) recently released his debut EP “Медленные танцы” (“Slow dances”) on Bitanga Blood label, created by Alina Pash to support emerging artists.

In the press-release, Yaroslav listed quite a few music references that inspired him, among which are Tom Waits, Morphine and even Kanye West.

Their ideas and vibe definitely can be found in the four songs Yaroslav released. Dark mood, viscous atmosphere and clever lyrics – it’s all here.

They say, Yaroslav started to write music in complete isolation even before the pandemic.

This asceticism can be found in the artist’s presence online – for example, his Instagram account has just 4 posts and was opened presumably to support the EP release. No website and just a few Facebook posts…

We’ll see if this low-key strategy actually works. We can be mad at Globin for not giving us any details about him, but it’s just about the music.

Stream “Медленные танцы” EP on Spotify and Deezer.


Глобин on Instagram.

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