New song by YellLow (that’s yell and low, not the color, get it?), “Do It Again” doesn’t sound at all like what they’ve been putting out in the past.

Probably because it was produced by Mihai Ristea from the excellent band Golan, introduced on beehype last year. “Do It Again” has just the right amount of weird electronic sounds to balance out the catchy side of it.

I asked Mihai to tell us a bit more about the song: “I started writing the track about two years ago, and it was especially for YellLow. I wanted to see if we can make something a bit more downtempo. After a while I remembered it and we decided to finish it.”

“It was actually a really fun project,” Mihai said. “You can sense it in the ‘feel good’ sound of the song. It expresses perfectly our time in the studio. I realized that it helps, that easy going way of working, not thinking too much about it. It’s a lot better than being under stress.”

Well, considering the fact that it was such a pleasant experience for everyone involved, I really hope they do it again. And again. And again. And again. You get the joke.


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