Southern China may seem like the last place you’d go looking for the modern day torch bearers of indie-pop. But Guangzhou’s yourboyfriendsucks! have bellowed new life into the fire and are casting a fresh, brilliant light nationwide with their dreamy, reverb-drenched EP “Episode 1”.

Drawing on the jangle-pop sound of Beijing punksters like Hedgehog (刺猬), this latest release proves that the appetite for buoyant, angular guitar pop still burns brightly in China.

Every track has an unmistakable energy to it, a heady mix of youthful exuberance and bittersweet melancholy. It’s also a heady mix of languages, with six songs sung in a mix of Chinese, German and English.

“白鹤” (White Crane) is the highlight of the record. It bounces along with effortless style; the borderline atonal, reverb heavy guitar, the wistful, hazy vocals (delivered in a glorious Southern Chinese accent) and controlled yet relaxed rhythm section all come together to evoke a contented coolness and a tender reflection, a sentimental echo of better days. Music for a night around a campfire.

It’s goofy, loveably insecure indie-pop for a new breed of hopeless romantics.

Stream “Episode 1” EP here.


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