Yuta Orisaka (折坂悠太)

“Everyone is on the way to find his or her own place. No one can hinder it,” the singer, songwriter and gut guitar player Yuta Orisaka said about the main theme of his second LP “Heisei”.

We wrote about his musicality in our first article. And in the second article, we mentioned his personal history. This time, I would like to introduce his latest effort – second LP called “Heisei” (平成), which was released on October 3rd, the end of Heisei era in Japan.

We all are different people, and each of us has his or her own loneliness – Yuta said about the beautiful ballad “Sabishisa” (Loneliness) in an interview for CINRA.NET. “For example, I have been thinking about that case about that knife attack in Japan when 19 died at a center for disabled,” he said.

“The murderer said that the disabled have no right to live. I must contradict what he said with all my heart and mind and strength. Not just with words, but with concrete statement which will move people’s hearts. This thought is behind my crying in this song, I think.”

Yuta Orisaka’s new album includes such diverse styles as Japanese folk, British indie rock, Brazilian music, jazz, afro beats and more. As if it was a microcosm of this world, which has so many races, ethnic groups, different genders and as many personalities as there are people on Earth.

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