Hungarian music scene is not always very up-to-date. It’s a kind of Eastern-European phenomenon that things arrive here a bit later. But on the other hand, that gives us the opportunity to create something different and possibly more remarkable.

Agavoid is doing something that is not very common here. First of all, they have a female singer. Personally I prefer female singers but, unfortunately, there are just a few in our alternative scene.

Also, they make experimental music and actually call it “pastel dream experimental”. They “created” their own genre because it absolutely cannot be categorized. And visual effects make their performances even more recognisable, which again seems to be even more rare.

But after talking about a band without talking about the music itself let me clarify why has Agavoid a special place in the fictional ruin pub of the Hungarian alter music.

The actual main trend here right now is guitar-centric indie-rock / alternative rock / psychedelic rock triumvir.

The main elements are the same in Agavoid’s music as well. But in inversed proportion to for e.g. psychedelic. More electronics but less guitars. This is their power: creating a distinctive atmosphere with an endless number of digital tools.

Their other secret is the singer herself. Dalma Tamara Puskás is unquestionably a talented singer whose veiled voice suits perfectly to the band’s out-of-this-world melodies and slow tempos.

In a nutshell, Agavoid is one of the most unique and most interesting members of the concert-life of Carpathian Basin. Let’s see where the experiment leads us.

Agavoid’s debut LP is soon out on Pluto.


Agavoid on Bandcamp, SoundcloudTumblr, Facebook, Instagram.

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