The music of Ohnody is a journey. From the instrumentals through the singing to the lyric.

The solo project of Dóri Hegyi is being described on her Spotify as an interdisciplinary project that merges her four core values: “minimal and sophisticated drawings, free-spoken and deep poems, supple and emotional vocals, clumsy instruments.”

She said in an interview to local music blog keretblog.hu, that she writes music in Hungarian and in English in different ways. She finds her Hungarian songs more honest and feels them less consciously directed to a certain aim.

The Hungarian music comes from instinct, simply „flows out”. She also explains that to not compare herself to others, she does not listen to music. Her inspiration is harder to find this way, but also not influenced by others.

Although she does not want to compare herself to others, the best analogy I could come up with is Aurora, especially because of the use of folk influences and the soft, yet intense vocals. Ohnody’s technical singing shows work and practice besides natural talent.

The instrumentals follow more trip hop and down-tempo characteristics. But Hegyi’s passion for live instruments and acoustic sounds still find their ways, mostly in the form of a guitar or a piano. These melodies usually try to stay in the background to emphasize the lyric and the singing, but they are undoubtedly worthy on their own.

Listening to Ohnody’s oeuvre always revives melancholic feelings. But after listening and reading her thoughts on song writing and her approach to feelings and emotions put everything in a different perspective.

She says in the same interview mentioned above, that focusing on feelings and deepening ourselves in them is not melancholic, it is exactly the way the prevent us from becoming that. And that is why her music can cause a catharsis to her audience. It is an experience using all senses. So be prepared to get lost in it!


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