Analog Balaton

Analog Balaton is a big favourite of mine, so I am really happy that they finally started putting their music on streaming platforms.

Their live shows are always transcendent, with a lot of lights and great atmosphere. Luckily, they always manage to create the same effect even on their recordings. It is an interesting feeling of a very intimate party. Melancholic lyrics and singing meets rhythmic electronic melodies. Sometimes I have the feeling that this would be Flume if Flume were born in Eastern/Central Europe.

This time they also experiment a bit more with the instrumentals. The catatonic rhythms are still the driving force in their songs, but their manifestation is getting more and more interesting with each song and they get a more prominent role.

On “Csússz le”, consisting of four songs, so rather an EP, they also have some collabs. On the last song ‘Pupilla’ for example you can hear the singer of another excellent Hungarian band called Elefánt. It can also been seen as a more experimental step for the Analog Balaton duo, as Csaba Szendrői, this featured singer, comes from a rather different genre.

All in all, in can be said that “Csússz le” is an album that gives up nothing from what makes Analog Balaton what it is, but steps out of the comfort zone just enough to make it something new and exciting.

Stream “Csússz le” LP on Spotify.

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