Andy Svarthol

With just three songs out yet, Reykjavík-based duo Andy Svarthol seem like one of the more ephemeral – and intriguing – upcoming projects in the ever vivid Icelandic scene.

The band has been founded by brother Egill and Bjarki Viðarsson, and their family bond might explain both the warmth and depth of their sound – a bit dusted – although each of the singles they’ve released to date is different (barring the language).

The first one, released in summer last year, “Írena Sírena” was lively, catchy and quite naive. A few weeks later came “Ofbirta“, multi-layered and gradually growing with every bar.

And earlier this year came “Tímafrekja”. It’s their longest and most accomplished song yet, with a mellow main theme, unhurried drums, Mellotrons chiming in the background, and a lengthy break in right the middle.

The first time you hear it, it sounds like an instant-classic and a closer of a magnificient, consistent LP. Well, let’s hope it actually happens soon.


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