Una Torfa

Una Torfa enters the Icelandic music scene with a bang with the LP “Flækt og týnd og einmana”.

In English translation that goes like: “Tangled and lost and lonely”. By God, that is fresh. The album is filled with sincere songwriting and lyrics that form a strong counterpoint to a secular and masculine hip-hop scene that has warmed the top of the Icelandic charts in the last decade.

It’s clear that the tide has changed since the pandemic, and listeners are ready for a grounding live performance that addresses the matters of the heart in Una’s humble yet cheerful voice that brings back memories of ’90s girl power galore.

Una Torfa has been through a lot, despite her young age, and according to my sources, she used music as an outlet in her fight against cancer, a disease she overcame last year.

Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir produces the album, a unique artist with a good command of pop sound who will undoubtedly have a strong influence on the soundscape and texture of Icelandic pop in the coming years. (Nina Richter)

Stream “Flækt og týnd og einmana” LP on Spotify.

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