Icelandic rockers release a new video to remind us of their captivating fourth album.

“Kinder Versions” is the title track from Mammút’s last studio album, released in 2017. A dark and moody piece, it builds up throughout almost seven minutes, pulsating with raw, visceral energy.

While not as heavy as some of the band’s other songs, its brooding atmosphere and hypnotic progression make for a fascinating journey.

Starting with acoustic guitar, the track gradually gets denser and denser, adding haunting keys, unsettling electronic shimmers, trip-hop beats and, of course, Kata Mogensen’s powerful voice.

In the new video, directed by Viðar Logi, the music gets a remarkable visual accompaniment. The clip features three characters that represent different layers of a person: the spiritual inside, the guttural emotions and suffering, and the animalistic outside.

Mammút’s videos often exhibited staggering intensity that corresponds so well with their music. “Kinder Versions” is no different, comprising a powerful audiovisual experience.


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