Angharad Drake

Debut album by Australian indie folk newcomer Angharad Drake brings some of the best melodies we’ve heard this year yet.

If you’re into open-minded singer-songwriters like Laura Marling, Lisa Hannigan, Fiona Apple – or Joni Mitchell – you’ll only need to hear the single “Baby” to start searching for more information about this talented young artist from Brisbane.

“Baby” is now the opening track of Angharad’s first LP called “Ghost”, and that mellow song appropriately promised us more beautiful melodies, arranged in that elegant, mostly acoustic manner that never wears out.

It also brings a quality of songwriting you would expect difficult to maintain over a whole full-length. But Angharad somehow managed to do this throughout 12 tracks, with other highlights including “Armour”, ethereal “Bullet” and many more – up to the hair-raising a capella closer titled “Let it Go”.

Stream “Ghost” LP on Bandcamp.


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