Angry Youth (厭世少年)

Angry Youth is a seven members pop punk band that also blends genres like hard rock or even soul and blues.

The lead singer and guitarist formed Angry Youth six years ago, but it was not until 2017 that the current lineup appeared.

Although the music style of the group is diverse, they describe their music as “Tourette Rock”, while the lyrics are good at portraying the anxiety and confusion of the young generation – stuck between self-identity and how other people see you. The lyrics like to depict youth, lovelorn and life with whimsical and other self-mocking images.

Their new video “It Just Disappear Like That” (就這樣子不見), in a witty way, brings out the Buddhist scriptures such as “All reality a phantom, and all phantoms real” (空即是色,色即是空). Accompanied by the guitar style of the Southern Rock, it reflects the entanglement between love, sexual desire and everyday life.

This song comes from Angry Youth’s debut album “Campus Romance” (青春校園戀愛物語), which was released in June. They have also released a lyric video for another song, “烏牛欄大護法“.

Stream “Campus Romance” on iTunes and Street Voice.


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