Ansatz Der Maschine

Between Mogwai, Sigur Rós and Susanne Sundfør – beautiful new single from acclaimed Ghent-based group Ansatz Der Maschine.

Does your country have artists who are well-respected by the vast majority of genuine music lovers and music critics? Who only get five star reviews for their releases and concerts? And who are completely unknown by 99% of the population?

In Belgium there’s a band called Ansatz Der Maschine, and it perfectly fits this description. They have been releasing records for about 15 years now, establishing quite a name for themselves by repeatedly coming up with ingenious indietronic tunes, reminding people of the work by artists like Fennesz, múm, Aphex Twin, Helios and Console.

“Hiding” is their new single, and it is a teaser for some surround live shows Ansatz Der Maschine will be playing at a venue called N9, where they are currently artists in residence.

During these gigs there will be speakers in front of, behind and above the audience. The first concert is already sold out.

Judging from this new single, that can be situated somewhere between Mogwai, Sigur Rós and Susanne Sundfør, not only the speakers will sound great. The music certainly will be irresistible too


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