Lou K

I can probably play “Les Chiens” a few hundreds of times before I get fed up with it.

A while ago, I went to sleep at least one hour later than planned after I happened to run into “Les Chiens” by Lou K on YouTube and then played the song for about twenty times in a row.

The magic of the tune lies in almost every detail: the low key intro that leaves all options open, the vocals that slowly carve deeper and deeper into your skin, the contrary danceability, the lyrics that I partly understand and yet cannot quite situate and last but not least the clip that makes you wonder whether you are seeing actors performing or the band members themselves. It seems to be the band, so if the singing career does not work out for one reason or another, there is hope for the future.

“Les Chiens” is a mesmerising song with an addictive hook and if it wasn’t for the French lyrics you would think that Stephen Malkmus dug up a song from his 90s archive and had it recorded by a female singer. The 90s feel is omnipresent thanks to the typical bass, singing, guitar and drums while the cello adds an own face, contributing to the unique sound Lou K is offering.

The aim of the band, in their own words, is to offer an acid vision, a roaring guitar, and stories of monsters in the night. With their songs they want to explore what’s underneath, the fears, the shadows and different kinds of violence, with a soft touch and deep roaring. With a lighted interpretation on stage, paradox should become their signature. Unquote. That’s what they hope to achieve, I think that’s also very well what they are about to do.

No need to rush. I can probably play “Les Chiens” a few hundreds of times before I get fed up with it. On top of that, all these lockdowns taught us some patience, after all. On the other hand I’m very curious to hear more from Lou K. This is definitely a Belgian band to “Lou K” out for.


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Photo: Gil Lefauconnier

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