Anton Vezuv

Anton Vezuv is a Budapest-based band who use “power melancholia” with a surprising precision. Their music is poetic and dramatic, and it feels like you are listening to a kind of theatrical play… with a bit more guitars than usually.

While you can find some local alternative traditions in Anton Vezuv’s music, their international influences range from Sigur Rós to Nick Cave. You can hear this on their second record, a six-track EP called “Lay Low Butterfly“, which the quartet released earlier this month.

“We kept the melancholic feelings as we had it on the first album, but we wanted to put more power, more dark punch in it this time, with songs about vagrants, vampires and lovers,” the band’s frontman István Gyulai told us.

“I write songs because there is some endless and gloomy feeling in my chest, and I project it through songs about love and relationships,” said Gyulai. “But no worries, I am not a sad person, I’m just a man.”

You can stream “Lay Low Butterfly” EP in its entirety here, and you might also enjoy Anton Vezuv’s recent video for “Far Camp Song” from their debut EP, “Into the Sea“.


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