Arranquemos del Invierno

Delicate innovations from the long-awaited new album of Arranquemos del Invierno.

Arranquemos del Invierno is the solo project of Pablo Alvarez Railton, the singer of Niño Cohete whom we first introduced years ago right after beehype started – and right after he started his solo career. Since then, he’s recorded an EP called “Sol de los Andes” in 2018 and a number of singles.

But now he finally seems to be working on a new full-length album, and we’ve already heard some snippets. First, he published a single “Todas Tu Flores“, featuring Camila Moreno and focused on nature and spirituality. Now he’s back with another great song called “Salto al Vacío”.

According to Pablo Alvarez R., it gives a good idea about the new material, mixing upbeat with nostalgic, and acoustic with electronic – and producer Cocó is here to help with some new ideas. Lyrically, “Salto al Vacío” is a call to give your body a deep listen because holds a lot of truth about yourself.

If you like music that brings innovations in a delicate and rather beautiful way, you’ll give this 3-minute piece at least a few listen. And be sure to check out a simple but eye-catching lyric video as well.


Chile: Arranquemos del Invierno on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify.

Photo: @espejismos_de_saetia @futurofilms

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