The best of what Chilean might have to offer right now? Soft voice of Natisú combined with captivating electronic production of Andy.

If you’re our regular reader, you have to know that Natisú is one of our favourite Chilean (or even Latin American) singers. Now we get to hear her voice in a very different context – in a fantastic collaboration with Andy, an electronic producer from Santiago de Chile, who’s working on his debut full-length album “Noviembre”.

The LP will include a number of singers – each song with a different one – and these collaborators always worked the same way. “Once I have finished a track,” Andy tells us, “I start thinking in who may sing it.”

In the case of “Dos Brisas”, he “immediately thought about Natisu because of the softness of her voice and the contrast that it will generate with the velocity and urgency of the music.”

Usually, Andy admits, working on a new song can take months, including sending tracks there and back, with endless edits. But this time it was different. “Natisú came to my studio with some melodies and lyrics that she had already recorded on her laptop,” says Andy, “and it was perfect for the song, so we did a couple of changes and then recorded it.”

As he tells us, the song is about “the freedom you feel when you liberate yourself from your preconceptions and from your own barriers, and the excitement you feel when you get the chance to reinvent yourself.”

Andy’s upcoming LP will also include collaborations with Kali Mutsa, Rubio, and Benjamin Walker among others, and it will be released on the label 11:11.


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