Bade Nosa

Three great singles from Bade Nosa, from a dreamy poem to a Turkish take on bossa nova.

Bade is not new in music but what makes her new is that in 2020 she decided to share her songs officially one by one under the name of Bade Nosa. Thanks to this, as music lovers we have had a chance to encounter three beautiful pearls to date.

Let me start from the latest piece and make a journey to the first one, “Küskün Yolcunun Türküsü”, which means “The ballad of the resentful passanger”. Bade along with Emre Can Sarısayın composed music to a poem written by a very important Turkish poet, Behçet Necatigil.

Probably you feel that poetic sense in every detail related to the piece: its name, video, rhytmic melody – all include that dreamy texture thanks to that beautiful poem.

We see Emre Malikler’s name next to Bade and Emre Can in the arrangement. Malikler is also the producer of Bade’s last two singles. The video of the song was directed by Çağla Çağlar, and it shows us Bade’s ties with her childhood.

When we move one step back in time, we find another single by Bade named “28”.

The song was written and composed by Bade, then arranged and produced with the same team. In “28”, we see a darker and maybe a more mysterious side of her music. As if Bade was a storyteller in front of the fireplace.

The song has an amazing animated video made by Koray Pezükooğlu. In my opinion, this is one of the best videos of our scene in 2020 with the song itself.

With our last step on her timeline, you encounter Bade’s debut single and video called “Kendim Abla”, which means “Myself-sister”. In this bosa nova song, next to those three names above, we see Cihan Mürtezaoğlu as the producer and Silvyo Behmoaras as the director of the video.

As you’ll discover, these are three different songs, but all of them are great in their own details and style. I believe these three pieces will give you a strong reason to follow Bade Nosa’s next steps.

And if these three pieces are not enough for you, enjoy some more beauties on Bade Nosa’s YouTube channel including covers and compositions.


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