Simge Pınar

Simge Pınar reminds us again of the beauty of an LP.

Simge Pınar’s second record “Sevgideğer” (the title can be translated as “something/someone that deserves to be loved”.) reminds us again of the beauty of an LP, where all the songs are related to each other and give you a total feeling/experience besides their one-by-one weight, especially in this era of singles and EPs.

These are not only good songs played by good musicians. But especially, there is an important name that we should mention separately. Efe Demiral put his signature in this album as a producer, arranger, guitar player, and even composer for some songs.

I can easily say that all the projects of Efe are good, but this album made me feel like there are some more special Efe ingredients in it; maybe we can call this love. Let’s listen to “Sevgideğer” and define that special ingredient by ourselves.

Stream “Sevgideğer” LP on Spotify.

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