Berkay Özideş

Berkay Özideş keeps releasing new songs without giving long breaks and now we will talk about the latest one: “FSU”.

A year ago, we wrote about Berkay Özideş’ first single “Leyla” on beehype. There was one more between the first and the last one, named “YYV“.

At the beginning of “FSU”, the rhytm first invites you into the song. But then a very direct and clean piano melody gives you some clues about the story which will be told by Berkay’s charismatic voice in a few seconds. The arrangement of the song is like perfect. There are many details that you can find on the road but none of them overwhelms the song and the audience, while they are enriching the path.

Let’s talk about the video, too. It was shot by Damla Yolaç, who also directed videos for Berkay’s abovementioned two earlier singles. They make a good team as you can easily understand from the works they have created together.

There is another name to mention, though: the dancer Gizem Topal. Her performance in the clip obviously doubles the song’s effect and I strongly recommend you not only to listen the song, but also watch it!


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