Psychedelic, experimental and groovy – the new single from BRNS sounds like Eric Clapton teamed up with John Patton.

Do you know BRNS? That’s not a surprise, as the band has played in several countries during the past few years, appeared on beehype with a post about “My Head Is Into You” in 2014 and featured in our Best of 2017 list with their record called “Sugar High”.

The song we present right now is not a brand new one, as it was part of the album that came out last year. It is the band’s new single though, and one of the best tunes released by BRNS so far. “The Rumor” presents another face of the band.

While it is stuffed with unexpected turns and twists, like most of their songs, this one is less playful and seems to go much deeper and darker, as if Eric Clapton was teaming up with John Patton to record a tune that sounds very 2018. It’s psychedelic, experimental and groovy, and in a way it’s also bluesy and jazzy.

“The Rumor” starts softly, you could almost think you’re listening to a love song. The drama comes quickly, however, and after a few minutes you rather feel like you’re trying to survive in the midst of a massive storm.

All’s well that ends well, though, and when this tune is finished, you’ll feel nothing but relief.


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