Electronic, art-pop, lo-fi, nu-jazz, trip-hop, Gdańsk.

These tags mentioned above appear on BYTY’s page on Bandcamp, and I guess we need only explain that Gdańsk is a one of Poland’s main cities and northern ports, as well as our major tourist attraction.

BYTY, which might be translated as BEINGS, used to be a duo of Paweł Przyborowski and Sebastian Lipiński. On their second EP called “EP2”, however, they reappeared as a trio – with the singer Katarzyna Siepka on two tracks, “River” and “Ivi”, the last one “22.04” (that’s tomorrow) being a 6-minute instrumental.

In a recent interview with Nowa Muzyka, they said they draw from film music, especially soundtracks from communist-era Polish cinema. They also love theatre, which must hurt in this era of lockdown.

What you’ll notice even without reading any interviews, is that they prioritize atmosphere and sound over anything else. But their songwriting is more than good enough too, and they reprocess inspirations avoiding any obvious comparisons.

As the result, if those tags mentioned in the beginning made you interested, the music should offer you a couple of satisfying listens. What’s also clear is that we should expect this duo-turned-trio keep evolving in the next EPs.

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