If you like neoclassical music, film soundtracks or music from video games, this album from Polish composers/producers Jacaszek and Wesołowski should bring you delight.

“Eirḗnē” is the title of their new record, borrowed from the Greek goddess of peace. And peace (or the lack of it) has been leitmotif of “Eirḗnē” ever since this work has been commissioned years ago – for a performance that was supposed to precede a concert of Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson at a festival in Poland.

Jacaszek and Wesolowski managed to record it in February 2022, just four days “before the ruzzian attack on independent and free Ukraine,” as the rightly put it: “We wished at the time that hopefully by the release date everything would be over – meanwhile, terrible fighting is going on both just across our eastern border and in the Middle East.”

And so a number of catastrophic events totally changed the context of this work. But musically it is still mainly a piece of beauty. Orchestral arrangements and electronic layers sound as one. You can let yourself get immersed in their depth and weight – or rather decide to follow melodies of soloists who make the whole album just enough catchy.

Both composers come from Poland’s coast, and “Eirḗnē” debuted at the festival Solidarity of Arts that takes place in the port city of Gdańsk. So if you also hear some echoes of sea waves here, embrace the peace they offer.

Stream “Eirḗnē” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Photo credit: Kamila Kozioł

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