Silence can say more than a thousand words, especially when Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Kate Stables from This Is The Kit are involved.

Cabane is the project of Thomas Jean Henri, who has been making delightful silent tunes for quite a few years now, amongst others as a member of Soy Un Caballo. With Cabane he has released a few irresistible 7″ singles over the past few weeks.

The video of “Wooden Home” shows in a pretty original way how mothers can turn a house into a home and sadness into joy. Along with a tune that gets close to the best melancholic acoustics of a world class act like Kings Of Convenience, here’s a brilliant piece of music.

Did we just use too many screaming superlatives to describe such an intimate song? So be it, even with this kind of music, ecstasy is sometimes just around the corner.


Photo: Thomas Jean Henri

Cabane on Soundcloud, Facebook, Vimeo.

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