Between organic and synthetic, and between liquid and solid, Camille’s latest album “OUÏ” deeply resonates with our emotions.

Faithful to the onomatopoeias that made her famous during “Le Fil” era – her second album, met with critical and public acclaim 12 years ago – Camille released her new project in June. Soberly entitled “OUÏ”, it takes its name from a pun between “Oui” (“Yes”) and “l’Ouïe” (“Hearing”).

And what better than the sense of hearing to describe this album, full of different rhythms and poetic alliterations? Already present on her older tracks, like her biggest hit “Ta Douleur“, the vocal brainwaves animate the songs and guide us from one to another, with an almost aquatic groove and fluidity.

A kind of hypnotic eddies conveying metaphors about liquid state and nature: seawater and ripples of sand grains in “Sous le Sable” (“Under the Sand”), the honey “clarifying her voice” in “Je ne mâche pas mes mots”, her breast milk in the sublime first single “Fontaine de Lait” (“Fountain of Milk”).

A velvet current flowing to the album’s end, yet punctuated with jerky syllables and raw tribal drums, almost merging with each other.

“OUÏ” is the sound of a gentle and warm chimney fire, suddenly crunching the wood, with its words banging and whispering all at once. At times, we are softly shaken by deep rhythms – “Lasso”, “Twin” or the very Celtic “Les Loups”, reminiscent of Breton songs – that hesitate between organic and synthetic, as Bjork or The Knife’s nordic extraterrestrial folk (“Nuit Debout” in particular, recalls some of the tracks from “Shaking The Habitual”).

At other times, we let ourselves be carried by magnificent flights of orchestrations – apart from “Fontaine de Lait”, also her latest video clip “Seeds” – and spiritual harmonies in “Langue”, all deeply resonating on an emotional level.

With “OUÏ”, Camille can be sure our ears will stay wide open, ready to let themselves soothed by this sweet and sensory travel into the wilderness.

Stream “OUÏ” LP here.


Photo: Sarah Bastin

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