Camilo Séptimo

One of the groups that have experienced the fastest rise in the Mexican music scene, is undoubtedly Camilo Séptimo.

The history of this band began in 2013. Four years later the group – formed by Manuel Mendoza, Jonathan Meléndez and Erik Vázquez – released their first LP called “Óleos”.

“Óleos” is composed of 11 tracks whose themes include forgiveness, love and being spiritually balanced. “Vicio”, “Fusión”, “Ser humano” and “Neon” are perfect examples of the sound of a group that likes electronic elements for their compositions.

With a good production, and elements that reveal an interest in experiments between genres, Camilo Séptimo took “Óleos” sucess in order to grew up. Two sold out shows in one of the most important venues in Mexico City are a good example of  that.


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