Natalia Lafourcade

Music of Natalia Lafourcade from Veracruz, Mexico, is undoubtedly a national treasure.

Each album, each song, each note, are part of the talent of a powerful woman who, with her music, is filled with joy, celebration, love and warmth. “De todas las flores” is the most recent gift of this Mexican to the world. In my opinion, it’s also the best representation of the country’s sound in 2022.

In the rhythm of a beating heart, with that Mexican blood that she boasts in her sound, Natalia Lafourcade gives us a phenomenal album that combines the best of this composer and singer. She sings about love, but also about pain when it ends. She talks about the joy of living, and also about how without death this would not be possible. Duality – life itself – is the central theme of this record, in which Lafourcade exploits her musical sensibility.

Musically you will find happy melodies, as well as melancholic ones. Of course, all of them beautifully set to music arranged with winds, strings, percussion, and in general a delicious orchestra led in the production by fellow musician Adán Jodorowsky. “De todas las flores” is what in Mexico we call an “apapacho” to the heart, to the soul; or so that you understand me: a warm and affectionate hug.

The best tradition of the Mexican song keeps Natalia Lafourcade as its best representative. The legendary Agustín Lara dances to the rhythm of this beautiful album, with all the sound flowers created by this beautiful human being, singer, composer, woman…

Stream “De todas las flores” LP on Spotify.

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