Chini and the Technicians

If you love great songwriting – or if you’re a cosplay fan – you should certainly see the latest video by Chilean band Chini and the Technicians.

It’s been almost two years since the group released their debut EP called “En el fondo todo va bien“. Those five (sometimes very) short songs showcased their ability to switch tools and styles – folk and lo-fi, math-rock and garage, psychedelia and 4AD atmosphere – easily.

Soon after the EP’s premiere, they released a video for a mesmerizing song called “Te vienen a ver“. The clip, directed by Chini Ayarza from the band, was a little masterpiece, worth a repeated watch.

After quite a break, this spring they reminded us about their charming debut with a clip for the album’s second track, “Cita a Ciegas”, completely different for the predecessor. But every cosplay fan will love every second of it.

Regardless of your personal opinion on this subculture – Chini and the Technicians are openly fans and we should consider this clip as their homage to cosplayers – give yourself a chance to enjoy one of Chile’s most promising songwriting talents and this kind of voice that deserves its own fandom.


Photo: Mariangeles Vega

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