One of the most interesting music projects in Mexico is the one of Alexa Hakim and Diego Suárez.

Based in the Mexico City, their project is named Communión and their sound, as you can hear, is a mix of electronic and acoustic sounds. Precise, fine and very well executed, Communion’s first album is the phenomenal “Soltando fantasmas”.

The genre in which we can classify Communion’s music is psychedelia pop, what makes precisely their sound as interesting as it is. Their communion is what makes precisely Communion’s music as diverse as it is, with many musical influences that converge in that sound that functions that well.

The sound of Communión is also an interstellar escape of the horrors of the real world, and an invitation for anyone who want a ride “on board a single machine” that appeared one night as they sang in “Universo”.

The melody in this song, which I choose as an introduction for you, includes a Mexican marimba and a guitar that are continuously mixing in what we can tell is a spatial experience.

In the music video directed by Caifanes’ leader Saúl Hernández, the singer Alexa Hakim performs a perfect choreography that involves us in the trip that Communión invites us to join.


Communión on Facebook, Twitter.

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