Community Service (勞動服務)

Lead by famous rapper/singer-songwriter fishLIN (林家鴻) from Kou Chou Ching (拷秋勤), “Community Service” (勞動服務) is an all new project focusing on the history, social issues and cultural of Taiwan.

By blending traditional Taiwanese music into hip-pop music and writing songs in Taiwanese, Community Service shows how unique hip-hop could be. Their debut album “Chronicle of The Island” (海島聲事) documents the local stories with various styles mixing into songs. Community Service hopes that the album could make people living in Formosa more aware of what happened in Taiwan and understand the beautiful traditions of local scenes.

“We Live in Monga” (阮住佇艋岬) records the history of Monga (Wanhua District of Taipei City) and attacks the unnecessary urban renewal influenced by evil plutocrat and politician. By blending Beiguan and temple fair music, the song shows how thriving Monga is and reminds us of the importance of cultural traditions.


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