Pathos, a low voice, a piano and a fantastic melody – great appetiser of Daan’s upcoming new album “Nada”.

2016 saw new acts like Bazart skyrocketing to the top of the Belgian music scene, injecting it with the much needed fresh blood that it needs to stay dynamic. On the other hand there are also established artists like Daan who are showing signs that their time to disappear hasn’t come yet.

Daan started recording music in the 90s and has delivered top quality music in many different genres ever since. He’s the kind of special character that you may expect from an artist, sometimes living on the edge. A few years ago, his band left a festival stage because they found their lead singer too drunk to continue to play with him.

Despite lots of negative media attention, Daan bounced back and even called his next album “The Mess”. This was a great way to face the facts: not hiding in a corner, but turning his mistakes into assets.

2017 will see the release of his new album called “Nada”. “Friends” is a great appetiser, containing all the characteristics that guarantee a great song by Daan: pathos, a low voice, a piano and a fantastic melody.


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