Danslı Parti

Danslı Parti is a hidden treasure of the Turkish music scene.

They released their second album “ii” three months ago very silently. Rather than agressive marketing attacks, it is obvious that they prefer to care for their sound and music.

For this new album, Toros Senan – who is the creator of this project – surrounded himself with great musicians like Emer Malikler, Melike Şahin, Elif Dikec and Ozan Tekin. The cover of album was designed by Nihal Sen’an.

I believe you will experience a totally different Turkey when you hear these 4 songs.

If you like this experience I fully recommend you to come back to their first album “Danslı Parti” from 2015, which is another great journey and includes some other grat musicians.

The only video where you could see them is their live Pürtelaş 3+1 performance from the last quarter of 2014 – before their first album released. It is great to hear this kind of original music in the quagmire of similar songs from a fashioned genre of music.

Stream “ii” EP on Soundcloud and Spotify.


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