Dawid Podsiadło

“Quite a hit, eh?” observed one of our Middle Eastern contributors upon hearing Dawid Podsiadło’s latest single, “Forest”. Over the last years, he has actually become Poland’s chief hitmaker and one of our few festival headliners competing with Western imports.

Romantic but aloof, he takes his music quite seriously. But at the same time he would declare he’s not even an artist yet. He also switches between English and Polish without even noticing it, just like his generation tends to.

“Forest” is the second single off his recent second album, “Annoyance and Disappointment”, full of rock’n’roll, blues, and just enough ballads. In spite of the record’s title, Podsiadło seems happy to be where music has taken him – and where his music takes his listeners.

This week, he celebrated his 23rd birthday. For a present, he asked his fans to “relax the muscles of their backs, take a comfy seat,” look up at the sky and realize “how beautiful the world is when the sun is out.” Quite a wish, eh?

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