Deniz Tekin

It’s hard to define her voice with just one adjective. Fragile, silky, high-pitched, restful – are some of the first words that come to my mind.

I’m talking about Deniz Tekin, a very young woman who has been writing, singing and playing her own songs for a while, and catching the attention of all music lovers in the last years.

Let’s rewind. She has been using SoundCloud very actively for 4-5 years now. She’s been making covers (both in English and Turkish) in her own style and many eyes started to turn to her. Then we (followers) realised that she is also a great songwriter. With all these covers and her own songs she amplified the number of her audience day by day. Some music programmes and concerts also made her known by a larger crowds.

Her first official album, “Kozakuluçka”, was relaesed at the beginning of the second quarter this year by Avrupa Müzik. “Bende Bir Problem Var” is both the first song and the first video of the album. You are seeing Deniz walking in the streets of İstanbul.

Although she says “leave me alone” and “I like to be lonely” in the song, I suggest that you accompany her walk while listening to her beutiful voice.

Stream “Kozakuluçka” LP on YouTube and Spotify.


Deniz Tekin on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twiter, Instagram.

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