Lasse Aagaard

And then suddenly – out of nowhere – the Danish composer and songwriter Lasse Aagard drops his first solo-record, like a bomb in my silly adult life.

There is nothing showy about “Farvel Tid”, but that’s exactly the point. Build around piano, drum machines, sparse electronics and Aagaards bright vocals, the 7 songs clocks in at 34 minutes. The record is as digestible aspo it is brilliantly written.

Aagaard, as always, sings in the Danish mother-language. And delivers great poetic lines about growing old and life’s pitfalls, written from the perspective of a grown man telling his younger self, what he probably needed to hear back then. And with a focus on the loss of his dad, it effectively talks to all of us who have had a complicated childhood with addiction and broken families.

It is as marvelous as it is pretty and it took me with a storm that isn’t over yet! (Simon Heggum)

Stream “Farvel Tid” LP on Spotify.

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