Four songs are enough for Fjälla to impress us with their multilingualism, which is a good representation of Switzerland.

The group from Zurich doesn’t just want to delight us with songs, but also point out grievances. A clear stance against oppression and false judgements has emerged, played by the band somewhere between alternative, indie and DIY pop.

You can’t help but listen to Fjälla’s new EP “Abbastanza” and absorb the energy. “Raga” advocates clear boundaries in everyday behavior, the sound is raw and the guitars direct. “Afraid/Pain” is sluggish and sprinkled with wave vibes, followed by a quivering outburst in the chorus. “Schala” is beguiling, a way out of the depths is revealed in the bars.

The EP closes with the dark and voluminous “Mess”, with synth tracks filling the room. Fjälla provide four very good arguments for personal protection and defence – and give strength.

Stream “Abbastanza” EP on Bandcamp, Tidal and Spotify.


Fjälla on Instagram, www.

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