Dingo Bells

On their second album, Porto Alegre pop / rock trio Dingo Bells discover what does life look like after your 30th birthday.

The first time we wrote about the Porto Alegre-based group Dingo Bells, they just released their first album “Maravilhas da vida moderna”. But as a very experienced band already, they were imaginative and daring in their experiments with such ingridients as pop, rock and MPB (Música Popular Brasileira).

Three years later, Diogo Brochmann, Felipe Kautz and Rodrigo Fischmann are back with their second full-length effort titled “Todo Mundo Vai Mudar”. Unlike the previous work, which collected music composed across about a decade, this material might feel surprisingly consistent.

And you’d be right to observe that, as most of the songs for this album were born within several weeks’ rehearsals.

Another change can be noticed in the topics they raise in their songs as well. On their debut album, they portrayed some “big” problems of the 21st century, the matters of labour or the stress of everyday routine.

When they were workin on this new effort, Dingo Bells were inspired by their… age. Entering their 30s, they had a chance to observe how their lives, their relationships or their even bodies change and does it mean to become mature.

But have no fear. The moment you hear the first song on “Todo Mundo Vai Mudar”, you’ll clearly see their youth energy and imagination is still there, and even enhanced by their self-confidence and finesse. After the whole album, you’ll wish you were in your 30s as well.

Stream “Todo Mundo Vai Mudar” on Soundcloud and Spotify.


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