Dingo Bells

Dingo Bells is a band from the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, which has a career of about ten years playing since the members were still in school. But only now in 2015 they released their first work titled “Maravilhas da vida moderna”.

The album is packed with pop sound that refers to the past while portraying the 21st century at the same time, especially in the lyrics addressing contemporary issues such as labour, questions about life and the stress of everyday routine.

“Eu vim passear” is the first song on the record, with a delicious pop arrangement that sticks easily in our mind. Its lyrics concern the need that the human being feels to adapt and to be accepted by society.

The clip was directed by Roberto Burd and presents the Brazilian illustrator Lipe Albuquerque interpret a kind of Frankenstein created by members of the band. And he is instructed to face the world and strive to be accepted by society. Maybe we are all a bit like this “monster”.

You can stream “Maravilhas da vida moderna” on Soundcloud or download it from the band’s website.


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