With his alternative R&B, visual art and concerts, EDSUN wants to “bring healing and awareness to people’s minds”.

Maybe this name rings a bell… I briefly introduced EDSUN few months ago as part of my 2017 highlights regarding the Luxemburgish music scene.

EDSUN is the project of a young and highly talented artist. It is not that easy to describe his art as it involves profound songs with Alternative R&B notes, contemporary dance with some hip-hop influences, (co)productions, and I could go on.

Each time you’re in front of a true show and each appearance is different from the previous one, but always very artistic, creative and full of passion.

In his latest video “Forever”, produced by Cehashi, EDSUN tells us about past and future lives. The importance of living in the moment and allow ourselves to be led by our heart and our energy.

This multi-skilled artist released his first EP “N.O” in 2015 and was kept busy until then alternating between some concerts, festivals – such as Reeperbahn (DE), Europavox (FR), Sonic Visions (LU) – performances, productions, track releases, and even a short appearance in a Nike video.

On May 28th, Edsun launched a new project: the Platonic Touch campaign, a European tour to “bring healing and awareness to people’s minds, especially men’s”. The idea is to denounce the lack of platonic touch and break down the barriers and taboos we have regarding the physical but non-sexual contact between men, through art.

The project started with a successful crowdfunding campaign. Everyone interested into being part of the journey could give the amount chosen, or opt between different “packages” and get some rewards according the amount selected. You could even get a private concert in your living room, and enjoy an acoustic set with some unreleased songs!

The money collected will be used to build this tour, from transportation costs to communication, venue hires or artists fees. The tour is expected on October 2018, with the release of a second EP in the meantime.

Because EDSUN is not totally complete without some visual elements, let’s also check out an older video clip to get a closer idea to the spirit of this singular universe. With these artsy audio-visual aspects, EDSUN brings some more information to the song itself. Apologee is the search for self-love in order to find love within others.


Photo credit: Emerine Samuel

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