Sun Glitters

Victor Ferreira, a.k.a Sun Glitters, is certainly one of my favorite local artists on the Luxemburgish electronic music scene.

This versatile artist spends his time between music production, video direction and graphic design – spending over two decades publishing his work under the name “MADEBYHUJO” (he created, among other things, his latest EP’s visual).

Sun Glitters traveled the world to perform in renowned venues and great festivals such as Primavera Sound (ES), The Great Escape (UK), Eurosonic (NL), Fever (JP), Iceland Airwaves (IS), Dour Festival (BE), and many more.

His project started in 2011 and after heaps of EPs, remixes, collaborations and three albums, Sun Glitters released on the 1st of March an electrifying split EP “SUN GLITTERS X TVRQUOISE“, with the Los Angeles-based singer TVRQUOISE, on the label DXFXWXU COLLECTIVE.

And what a team! The collaboration offers us warm and smooth vocals directly coming from the American west coast and a mesmerizing electronic music from the small Grand Duchy.

This EP, made of two tracks – “IS THIS REAL” and “CALLING OUT (REPRISE)” – is really short but good enough to listen it more than twice!

You may feel a bit nostalgic and leap back in the ’80s. This synthwave and the heavy bass will make you feel lost in a middle of a John Carpenter’s movie, which is not an unpleasant trip, but you’re warned!

Who said Luxembourg is not sunny? OK, half true… But we have our own Sun, and he warms the heart with his synth arrangements, heavy beats and dreamy melodies.

And there are more good news, Sun Glitters will be touring in Ukraine at the end of the month of April, alongside Arms and Sleepers, the American Trip-Hop/Electronic music duo composed by Max Lewis and Mirza Ramic!


Sun Glitters on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, Soundcloud.

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