Edyta Górecka

A profound sense of tranquility from an up-and-coming group, named after its vocalist.

The band, currently comprised of vocalist Edyta Górecka, Radek Musiolik and Rafał Niewiadomski on guitars, Bartek Bargiel on bass, and Michał Begej on drums, have been making waves since last year, when they became finalists of two musical competitions in Poland and released “Sierpień,” their first official single.

Their debut EP, “Portrety”, contains five additional and equally beguiling pieces, however, each with its own singular tone. “Sierpień’s” charming melody is juxtaposed with the cosmic transcendence of “SYNTH,” the dark, melancholic ambience of “Cień,” or the rockier vibe of “Spacer” and “KOL.”

Most of the songs, however, share the same dreamy atmosphere, seamlessly fluctuating between intimate and intense. As a whole, then, the EP conveys a profound sense of tranquility, taking the listener to another place, somewhere beyond the “here and now.” Sublime music for introverted people.

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