A swarm of bees taking over a huge field of poppies.

Elias Devoldere has already clocked up quite a few kilometres as a drummer for Nordmann, Sumi, Hypochristmutreefuzz and John Ghost, among others. He also regularly made soundtracks for dance and theatre, which resulted in this solo project that bears his own name.

“Parasites” is the forerunner of an EP that will be released after the summer and for which the artist himself also took care of the production. We can hear similarities with the work of bands in which he was active in the sense that we are also sent in the direction of adventure rather than uniformity here.

Nevertheless, this is a song that can be played in prime time on most radio stations without causing much offence. Maybe someone will be surprised here and there, but it will not shock.

The song is about an opportunist and the performer puts himself in this role. Those who do not listen to the lyrics might also think that a rising storm, an incipient snow avalanche or a swarm of bees taking over a huge field of poppies had been the main source of inspiration.


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Photo: @agathedanon

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