Elín Ey

Comfortable in her special place between traditional songwriting and more current trends, acclaimed Icelandic singer Elín Ey just gave a taste of her upcoming second solo LP.

The album is due to be released later this year, but we can probably guess its general mood from “Bak í bak”, or “Back to back”, an enchanting first track from that upcoming material. The song’s sound creates a mysterious atmosphere, however, Elín’s clear voice guides us along the main theme, beautiful and dramatic at the same time.

While we’re waiting the whole record to come out, you should keep an eye on Elín’s touring schedule as well. She’s been performing on stage for about a decade now (also as a member of Sísý Ey). And if you consider her studio material magic, you can expect even more musical wizardry from her live shows.


Elín Ey on Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud.

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