Faia Younan

Stockholm-based Syrian sensation Faia Younan surfaced to the alternative Arabic scene in the viral video – made in collaboration with her sister Rihan – “To Our Countries” (لبلادي), where they mixed Rihan’s spoken Arabic poetry with Faia’s angelic vocals for a touching tribute to the Levant countries torn by civil and political wars.

After a series of sold out concerts throughout the Arab world, Faia officially returns with her debut album “Baynatna fi Bahr” (بيناتنا في بحر), or “There’s a Sea Between Us”, with a couple of partially released singles so far, and a promise of a fully released album in the first quarter of 2017.

“Li Fe Halab” (لي في حلب), which means “Aleppo keeps for me”, is a delightful ballad in which the young singer – often compared to the legendary Fairuz – reminisces over Aleppo, where she was born and raised. She is accompanied by none other than signature Levant instrumentals of Qanoun and Oud complimented by lines of nostalgic strings, producing a jaunty portrayal of a city hardly ever associated with.

Around 35 thousand plays on Soundcloud in less than a month show it’s easy to fall for Faia’s dark locks and azure eyes, but even easier to fall in love with her celestial vocals.


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