Lena Chamamyan

Syrian-Armenian talent Lena Chamamyan is back with a new album “Lawnan”, and here’s a song you should certainly hear right now.

Singer-songwriter Lena Chamamyan was born to an Armenian family in Syria’s capital Damascus, and has been famous for her astonishing voice and sunny personality – however dimmed by tears over the horrors of the recent years.

Ten years after her debut album “Hal Asmar El-lon”, we can clearly see she’s been more and more open to various influences and her performances include elements of Arabic music, folk songs, jazz singing, African music or even Latin styles.

Last year, she released her new album called “Lawnan” (“Two colours”). Here’s one of the most entrancing and dramatic tracks, “Marsa Zaman”, dedicated to “those who sailed in the sea and to all of those who were lost with no returns, and to all of those chosen by heavenly mercy”.


Photo: Gökhan Kalı

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