Fragile Girls

On their first album, the duo Fragile Girls bring us fragile melodies with strong feelings.

Originally members of IGUband (那我懂你意思了), the lead singer Hsiu-Tse Chen teamed up with keyboardist Miu Chao to form Fragile Girls (脆弱少女組), trying to add more pop flavor into sentimental love songs.

Having been recognized as the most powerful and songwriting genius, Hsiu-Tse Chen’s voice has become more soft and melancholic in Fragile Girls. The band tries to write retro pop music in respect of 80s golden pop music era, adding more synth and focusing on beautiful melodies.

“Because You Carry My Soul” (因為你承載了我的靈魂) is the single from their debut album “Some Pop Songs You can Listen to when You’re Sad” (一些難過的時候可以聽的流行歌曲). Hoping to bring the audience back to the memories about love, hate and sadness.

Stream “Some Pop Songs You can Listen to when You’re Sad” LP on Spotify and Deezer.


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