Gökçe Coşkun

Escape from the chaotic life of a cosmopolitan city.

Gökçe Coşkun is a singer-songwriter from the alternative Turkish music scene. Let’s start the post with her latest single “Korkmadan” (Without Fear), which was released in September with a beautiful stop motion animation created by Şebnem Aslan.

The song was written and composed by Gökçe. In the arrangement, we see – together with Gökçe – Can Kuman’s name, who is also responsible for audio design, mix, and mastering of the song. We hear Gökçe’s ukulele and violin, while Volkan Büyükgüngör is playing the acoustic guitar. “Korkmadan” was recorded by Bülent Genç.

Gökçe tells the story of the song: “This, with my dog friend Pan, is the story of the roads we took, emotions that we felt on those roads, and our hope to see the colors of the sundown on the way back home.” You will feel the dreamy texture of the song. Or the song may sound a bit like a fairytale to you. Gökçe’s smooth voice starts telling the story than ukulele, guitar, and the violin join Gökçe’s voice to enrich the layers of this story.

Gökçe started her music education at age 7 at Istanbul University State Conservatory then she started to learn the violin at age 8. When she came to undergrad, she made a double major in violin and musical theater departments. She played with some important musicians like Anathema and Can Kazaz and when she was 24, she left Istanbul, joined a collective, and moved to a village of Çanakkale.

Maybe that escape from the chaotic life of a cosmopolitan city gave her voice this naiveite, who knows? After her two singles released in 2019, she also released an EP “Dünya Bir Kabuk” at the beginning of 2020 including four beautiful songs.

I hope you will be glad to meet with Gökçe’s music at least as much as I did.

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