Het Zesde Metaal

Good old days? Singing in a local dialect, Het Zesde Metaal will prove you wrong.

Het Zesde Metaal, who have been featured on beehype several times in the past, will release their new album “Skepsels” on November 8th. We’re already looking ahead with the recent single “Tid Van Ton”. This one sounds very promising and could be a classic in the making. Bringing a message without being pedantic is far from simple, but Het Zesde Metaal succeed in doing so in a unique way.

The lyrics, sung in a dialect from the province of West Flanders, are about misplaced romantic perception of earlier times. Who wants to go back to a period in which only men were allowed to do decent work, contraception did not exist, beating up your children was perceived as normal, smoking was considered healthy and everyone was heterosexual? You don’t seriously, do you?

Impressive is the way Het Zesde Metaal brings this in a playful manner. The blind nostalgia with which people talk about the good old days is perfectly reflected in the catchy chorus and the harmonic lalalas.

The song is almost 4 minutes long. Again and again, however, it seems as if it’s over after 120 seconds. Time flies. Enjoy it, and look forward, rather than wallowing in distorted memories.


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Photo: Ramy Moharam Fouad

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