Idreesi x Muhammad Abdullah

Tender collaboration of a Jordanian music legend and his self-declared disciple.

Two years ago, we introduced you to a Jordanian electro-pop duo Garaseen, composed of Mohammad Idreesi and Nairuz Ajlouni, based in the country’s capital Amman. Earlier this year, the first of them started a solo project simply called Idreesi and you can already find five singles on his Spotify channel and some videos on his YouTube.

The most recent one – and maybe his best to date – is “Maraya”, a collaboration with Muhammad Abdullah, from the already-legendary group El Morabba3. And it’s got quite a long story: they recorded “Maraya” during Covid-19 lockdown, but Idreesi wrote it three years ago – and “it’s finally ready to be released.”

In a Facebook post a month ago, Idreesi also said: “I have so much love and respect for this man. I can’t overstate the impact Abdullah has had on my musical style and my dedication and obsession, but he taught me everything before I even met him!”


Idreesi on Instagram, Facebook. Muhammad Abdullah on Instagram.

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